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The Treadmill

they said,
you should do this
and then, you should do that...
they stole my dream.

they said,
believe and pray
you will be blessed
go to school
you will make good friends
and be enlightened too
look at your neighbours
achieve more...
they stole my dream.

they said,
you need a new car
you need that phone
you need a house near that school
imagine, fancy coffee and michelin caviar
it elevates your life
so go find a job
and you will be set...
they stole my dream.

they said,
you need a wife and two kids
you need a dog
now that makes a happy family
they saw me smile
see, we told you!
this is pure joy...
yes, they were right.

but first... they said,
tomorrow is expensive
baby needs to study
you need that promotion
what burn out? no big deal
you just need a break
fly away, sit on a beach
take pictures, make memories
you'll cherish that...
they stole my dream.

it was a setup
i tried, but i could not win
look, everyone is running
but no one has ever won
there can never be a winner
they knew that
and yet... they said,
run faster
you are different
you can do what others couldn't...
they stole my dream.

frail and old
it is too late now
waiting for my turn
i ponder, what could have been
if it was my heart i followed
if i wasn't so afraid
what i would not give
to do this differently
to live my dream...
what a fool i've been
it wasn't them, it was never them
it was me all along
i stole my dream...
i... stole my dream.

© 2024 Raj Shenoy. All rights reserved.